3 Day Intensive

August 1 – 3, 2017

In this 3-day intensive course, participants will delve into theory and practical application of biochar adsorption for organic chemical contaminants – a growing concern in developing communities around the globe – and slow-sand filtration for biological water contaminants – the leading cause of water related illness and death in the world.  Students will produce and process biochar and sand filtration media and install a full-scale 300 liter/day integrated treatment system in a local community.

Join world-renowned Dr. Joshua Kearns from Aqueous Solutions and visiting researcher at NC State University and Dylan Terrell of Caminos de Agua for this intensive water treatment module with real-life application.

In this hands-on course, participants will:

  • Be exposed to biochar adsorption theory and current research as a low-cost water filter media for synthetic organic chemical contaminants.
  • Learn about sand as a filter media as well as other low-cost biological treatment systems and options for developing communities.
  • Assemble a biochar gasifier (kiln) and produce and process the biochar filter media,
  • Construct a four-stage, 300 liter-a-day capacity water treatment system with: 1) up flow gravel pre filter, 2) slow-sand biofilter, 3) biochar adsorber and 4) safe water storage.
  • The system will installed in a local community, benefiting dozens with potable water.


Biochar and Slow-Sand Biofiltration for Potable Water


$500.00 USD

Includes the course, all meals, lodging, and transportation during the course.