5 Day Intensive

August 2 -6, 2017  Postponed until December

In this 5-day course, participants delve further into biodigester technologies in an indigenous community in the Yucatan. Participants will delve into the application of power generation of renewable energy  from biodigesters in an indigenous community context, and learn more about sustainable development and its four pillars: economic, social, culture and environment.

You will see the work of Sistema Biobolsa in Mayan communities and the education and art tools they use to help people understand the technology and how the biodigesters became a solution to the problems in the community.

You will also visit historical places like the Chichen Itza Pyramid (one of the seven new wonders of the world) and learn more about Mayan traditions in Mexico.

Minimum participation: 10 students.

In this part of the course you will volunteer in the community and see:

  • Components installation of a biodigester
  • Installation of biodigesters in Mayan communities
  • Research and development with biodigesters
  • Financing sustainable projects


Biodigesters and Sustainable Community Practices


$650.00 USD

The cost includes most of the meals, transportation during the course and lodging. It does not include the flight to Merida.