Sustainable Technologies in Action: Building Enduring Communities showcases ecological solutions to real world problems. Participants take away tools in context and needs assessment, design, implementation to create solutions that help to stop climate change.

The 12- day course “Sustainable Technologies in Action” challenges participants to create their own solutions for more sustainable communities in rural, peri-urban and urban contexts using a unique pedagogy mix of theoretical and practical components. In the course, international students will have the opportunity to see many different technologies in distinct fields and contexts in operation. Participants are then challenged to critique these applications and propose improvements and/or other applications for consideration to the organizations and individuals involved.

The coordinators of the course are experienced facilitators in international educational courses, and the instructors are highly respected in their fields. They have developed this work in diverse backgrounds: social entrepreneurship, design and engineering.

Course participants are passionate about creating sustainable solutions to real world problems. They come from all over the world and learn not only from the course instructors but also from the amazing life experiences that each participant brings.

We are proud to host the winning team from the annual Engineers without Borders-UK Design Challenge each year.


Sustainable Technologies in Action: July 20 – 31, 2017

Application Deadline: May 31, 2017

12 Days

15 Instructors

6 Sustainable technologies in action

10 Project visits

6 Cultural visits

Course Description

Course participants are challenged to design real solutions for building enduring communities. The course goes beyond technical answers to explore social, cultural, financial and other aspects to solve real problems that achieve the sustainable development goals.  

  • Debate sustainability concepts and the importance of context and culture to design sustainable solutions that work for different communities.
  •  Attend curated conferences with respected experts in the field of sustainability in Mexico who share their life experiences as well as their challenges and successes to create long-lasting ecologically sound, economically and socially sustainable solutions.
  • Reflections on the interactions of culture and context on the visited projects, social businesses, and organizations.
  • Pedagogy created around three distinct scenarios (peri-urban low-income with limited access to public services; urban middle-income; rural community with limited access to public services) used to motivate critical thinking skills in the implementation of sustainable solutions.  Facilitated visits to all three contexts.
  •  See local projects with sustainable technologies in action, in particular, biogas, solar, construction with natural components, rainwater harvesting, permaculture and water filtration.

$1,475.00 USD

Basic Lodging $275.00 USD


Who are you?

This course is crafted especially for university and graduate students and young professionals who plan to spend their lives in environmental fields. From engineers to community change organizers to teaching professionals, our participants come from a variety of backgrounds.

Are you…

  • Passionate about sustainable technologies– their successes (and failures) in diverse contexts?
  • Excited to share and live together with people from other countries and cultures?
  • Up for exploring some of Mexico’s greatest historic treasures?
  • Interested in to learning how sustainability, technology, culture and context intersect?
  • An English speaker interested in improving your Spanish? Note: Spanish is not necessary. All courses are conducted in English.
  • Curious about experiencing firsthand another way of life?


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